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Support staff

We have a variety of support staff to assist students and teachers.


The teacher/librarian works with each class during the week. At this school, the teacher/librarian works five days a week. During the library lessons, the students will learn about books, the use of books, the different types of books (fiction and non-fiction), and the use of the library facilities for research/ information.

The classroom teacher and the teacher/librarian will often work together to present activities which link in with themes/units being studied in the class. The Library is networked. During lessons all students will have access to the computers and the internet.

Release from Face-to-Face Teacher

The Release from Face-to-Face Teacher (RFF) provides each classroom teacher with two hours per week of class-free time. During this time, teachers are able to work on planning, marking of work, preparation of resources, meeting with parents/other teachers. The RFF teacher develops a program of work which links with the class teacher’s program.

English as an Additional Language Dialect Teachers

The English as an Additional Language Dialect Teachers (EALD) are available during the week to work with children who come from Language Backgrounds Other Than English (LBOTE) and who need assistance in their spoken or written English. The EALD teachers work in conjunction with the class teacher so that the activities link in with the themes/ units being covered in class. The students work with the EALD teachers in small groups as well as the student’s own classroom.

Students who have newly arrived to the country with limited English have the opportunity to work more closely with our EALD staff to further enhance their aquisition of the English language.

Learning and Support Teacher

The Learning and Support Teacher (LaST) works with children needing assistance, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy. The classroom teacher and the support teacher work together to identify children who are not performing at the level expected. A program is then planned to meet that child's needs, the aim being that the child will work at an appropriate level with the support teacher's assistance. These lessons take place in the support teacher's room as well as the child's own classroom, both on a small group basis.

Community Language Program

Chinese, Hindi and Nepali speaking students have the opportunity to continue their language through the Community Language Program. The Community Language program helps students increase their self-esteem by recognising their language and culture within the school. It also promotes effective interaction between the school and the community.